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Since we all know that big brother has implemented orders to curb piracy via torrents, P2P sharing software and large file hosting portals, most Internet service providers have started practising a mega block on major torrent search engines and file hosting sites, such as Torrentz, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrent Hound, Rapidshare, Mediafire, Hotfile and many others. Obtaining torrents and other files from these websites has now become a difficult task, but there are many other routes that you can take to gain access to these websites and download the files that you need. Let’s check out a few methods whereby, you can fulfill your desire for downloading any type of file. Beware, these methods involve passing through unknown and unauthorized means; it could mean bumping into viruses, malware and spyware or even compromising on your security and risk getting your PC hacked. Do this at your own risk.

Method 1: Use of proxy services.

A proxy server, as the name suggests, is a website service that allows you to browse through websites from their Internet connection. It means tunneling through the Internet connection into another PC somewhere in the world, and accessing websites or downloading files using their Internet connection. The browsing or downloading speed totally depends on their Internet connection speeds and the number of people accessing the service during the given time. Proxy servers are hosted by common or unknown people who have a (possibly) high-speed open Internet connection in their home or office.


They simply install a web server on their PC and allow other Internet users around the world to surf through their proxy websites and gain access to websites that may be either blocked by their ISP or office administrators. Some of these websites are listed below. Note: Although there are different proxy websites available online, usually these are tracked and hunted by various administrators and blocked, accordingly. While most of these websites get blocked because they are well-known, others that do not publicize much manage to stay under cover until they are discovered. However, it is very simple for them to get themselves unblocked by using a different website name.


Here is a tiny list of a few proxy servers that can be used to get around blocked website:

  • Vtunnel.com
  • Ltunnel.com
  • n-tunnel.com
  • imsly.com
  • freetoview.com
  • overridewebsense.com
  • sneakzorz.com
  • apchemistry.info
  • apushistory.info
  • radius.ws
  • linear.ws
  • safeforwork.net
  • apenglish.info
  • factorial.ws
  • circumventer.info
  • graph.ws
  • hidemyass.com
  • UnseenIP.tk
  • weddingface.info
  • anonymise.us


These proxy websites are usually created with a weird name, so that they cannot be easily tracked (for example, the website www.weddingface.info) will not even be thought of as a proxy website as the name suggests something else. These websites make their money by hosting advertisements and possibly viruses or malware.




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