KIAMBU:Owners of sexually abused cow demand compensation

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Funny cowOwners of a cow used in a sexual act by a man in Kiambaa constituency Wednesday have asked the police to charge the accused man Sh150,000, saying they will not keep it anymore or drink its milk.

Owner of the cow, David Munene said the cow was seven months pregnant and he was shocked when he found the Kikuyu Water Company employee zipping his trousers, with cow dung on his clothes after he abused the cow.

Mr Munene added that the accused man identified only as Kariuki had taken the two sits the family members usually sat on when milking to get to the level of the cow and commit the hideous act.

“I found him zipping his trousers and this is the third time he has been reported to do this in this area of Mugumo-ini,” said Mr Munene.

The accused, Kariuki, is an employee of the Kikuyu Water Company and usually visited peoples’ homes to record the water meter count.

Mary Nyambura, a relative, said they wanted Sh100, 000 for the mature cow and Sh50, 000 for the unborn calf and the accused to henceforth become owner of the two.

Area police boss Joshua Opiyo confirmed the incident, and said the accused would be taken to court and answer to the charges levelled against him.

“The accused is in police custody at Kikuyu police station but the cow is still with the owners,” said OCPD Opiyo.

He also agreed with the family that the thought of drinking the milk from the said cow was disgusting, but urged them to await the ruling of the court.

Police had to use teargas to disperse the crowd that had gathered at the home of Mr Munene, and the residents almost stoned the accused to death.

The residents fear that Kariuki might be released again, but they said, “Kariuki must never come to read the water meters in Mugumo-ini again.

Some residents even proposed that he be castrated since his sexual urges were perverted, and he might never stop.



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