Kenyan Land owners have 90 days to acquire title deeds from the government or lose the land.

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National Land Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri. Dr Swazuri said it had come to the Commission’s attention that some offices, and authorities have been disposing such land “without either informing or consulting” his office.

National Land Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri. 

Land owners with temporary documents have 90 days to acquire title deeds from the government.

Those who fail to do so risk having their parcels marked as unregistered, the National Land Commission warned.

Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri asked those affected to submit their allotment letters for verification and processing of title deeds in the next three months.

“The commission will carry out this registration in phases, with the first phase focusing on persons who possess valid letters of allotment,” Dr Swazuri said in a notice published in local dailies last Friday.

Stopped evictions

The commission, tasked with registering all land parcels in the country over the next 10 years, wants to fast-track the process and last week issued a warning to persons processing “fake or questionable documents”.

During the period, the commission will peruse the documents, check their validity and issue title deeds.

At the same time, the commission has stopped the eviction of persons on any piece of land until a law that will guide the exercise is enacted by Parliament.



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