County leaders exchange blows in public

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Trans Nzoia County Assembly

Two members of the Trans Nzoia County Assembly fought in public recently after they differed over the date and venue for an educational meeting.

Mathews Nyarango of Bidii Ward and Emmanuel Waswa of Keiyo Ward engaged in a fist fight outside the county assembly offices.

Trouble started when Executive Member for Education Isaac Kogo tried to consult the two leaders on where the education meeting would be held. However, Nyarango and Waswa disagreed. Nyarango claimed he had not been consulted over the venue of the meeting when Waswa dismissed his complaint. “Bwana minister I was not consulted when other ward representatives decided that the event be held at Waswa ward and I’m not going to agree with the decision,” lamented Nyarango. Waswa interjected and told him off, saying it was not necessary to consult him and that the decision will not be reversed. “You missed the meeting to discuss the venue and moreover the decision reached by other members is final and will not be reversed,” remarked Waswa.

The remarks angered Nyarango who rained blows and floored Waswa, warning to teach him a lesson. “I will beat you if you continue insulting me and pointing fingers at me. I will teach you a lesson,” vowed Nyarango.

Waswa and Nyarango then pummelled each other until Kogo separated them.

The executive officer asked the two county assembly members to cool down and respect each other. “Let us respect each other. You are honourable members. I thought it was a joke, and I didn’t know your words would generate into a physical fight” he told them.

It is not clear whether the meeting slated for Friday next week will go on after Nyarango vowed to oppose it.

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