Kenyan firm bosses in rail tender saga named

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The Public Investments Committee has finally named the Kenyan directors of companies at the centre of the standard gauge railway saga.

Mr Peter Maingi Gatere and Leonard Mwangi Ndungu are the registered directors of China Road and Bridge Corporation-Kenya, which was registered in the country six years ago.

However, the company was incorporated in Kenya 24 years after state-owned China Road and Bridge Company, which was awarded the contract to build the mega railway line, registered a local branch office, raising questions about the connection between the two firms.

Records at the Registrar of Companies show that China Road and Bridge Corporation has 10 directors, who are all in China. They are Pan Qi, Wang Zhi, Wang Jinqian, Zhang Yaping, Lin Cen, Lu Yugeng, Zheng Renzhou, Yan Guangzhen, Dong Ning and Sun Xiaozhong.

The officials resident in Kenya authorised to act on behalf of the company locally are Da Genxi and Wu Guollang, with a Ngong Road address.

China Road and Bridge Engineering Company was registered on December 28 1984, and later changed to the current name — China Road and Bridge Company — on September 9, 1996. It applied for registration on December 24, 1984 and collected the certificate three years later in 1987.

The Registrar of Companies yesterday told the House committee that both companies have existed concurrently for the last six years.

Registrar General Bernice Gachegu said the Kenyan company, which was issued with a certificate on December 23, 2008, was registered inadvertently since the China firm was already in existence at the time. She told the committee the two companies cannot exist in the market using the same names as it could cause confusion.

Both companies have never filed returns and accounts with the Registrar of Companies as required.


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