[VIDEO] Nditi under pressure not to take up Embu Governor’s post

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MP Cecily Mbarire and Senator Lenny Kivuti

Embu MP Cecily Mbarire and Senator Lenny Kivuti] 

Leaders from Embu are now piling pressure on Embu County Deputy Governor, Dorothy Nditi to turn down her position as the Governor of the County, following the impeachment of Martin Wambora.
The leaders said that prior to the General Elections; the County had agreed to have a Governor from Embu community, and the deputy from Mbeere community.

According to Runyenjes Member of Parliament (MP), Cecily Mbarire; Nditi who is from the Mbeere Community had in the past pledged to step aside to give chance to a person from the Embu community, to be the Governor days after the Embu County Assembly impeached Wambora.

“As it is the law stipulates Dorothy takes up the position of the Governor but brings in a critical situation because as it is now the Embu people are left without any of the top seats in the county.”

“I know that she is very aware of the fragile unity between the Embu and the Mbeere communities and the pact we made was to foster the unity of the county.”

“If you go to the records of the Senate she came out on record as saying that she is not interested in the governor’s seat.”

“The reason that she said it and repeated it is because she was very aware of that fragile unity between the Mbeere community and the Embu community.”

“I urge her to stay true to that community and put the welfare of the Embu County first,” Mbarire observed.

Mbarire assured that should Dorothy step aside; she can be sure that she will still be a choice running mate to the next governor.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, she also comes from a community that values her so the decision cannot be one way; the negotiations need to take care of the interests of both communities.”

“We are not going to kick her out; I think it is only fair that we take care of her interests too. She also represents her people,” she added.

Addressing the press on Saturday, Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti defended his decision not to take a vote on Wambora’s impeachment saying that he represented interests of the entire county and not a selected few.

“As a senator when a case of impeachment comes I have to be a father of many children I have to be neutral, I am for those for the impeachment, those against the impeachment and those that are neutral.”

“If there is ever another impeachment case for another county then I will vote, though I do not know how, I will,” he said.

According to Kivuti; members of the clergy and all leaders from the community tried to resolve the stalemate between the governor and the Members of County Assembly but to no avail.

“Before the impeachment process got underway, I and other leaders including the clergy in the county tried to mediate the situation.”

He added that the past was now water under the bridge and they are now faced with a bigger challenge of ensuring that the communities do not turn on each other.

Kivuti further echoed Mbarire saying that the gubernatorial seat ought to be taken by a member of the Embu community.

He however noted that no final decision had been undertake urging the county residents to remain calm as they brainstorm on the way forward.


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