How Laikipia East MP used me and destroyed my family

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wanguiA divorced MP met a pretty 23-year-old receptionist and changed her world.

He promised her family a three-bedroom house, transferred her younger sister to a better school, made her quit her job and then ensconced her in a lavish six-bedroom apartment.

Theirs was love brewed in an African pot.

Then one evening he asked her to take a Morning After Pill and leave. Another woman was coming.

I am a single mother of two. I have struggled to raise my children.

My daughter Anne Wangui is only 23 years old. I washed other women’s inner clothes to raise money to educate Anne. Women younger than me! I weeded other people’s shambas to feed my children.

I have been a house-help, cooking food my children have never tasted, or food we only eat on Christmas Day.

So when my daughter got a job in a hotel as a receptionist, I went to church and thanked God. My prayers had been answered. She was earning Sh13,000 but being a selfless girl, she sent a big share to pay for her sister’s education, supplementing what I got.

She never bought fancy clothes or partied because she was always broke while supporting her younger sister. When she told me she had met a man she loved, I didn’t need to tell her to be cautious. She was born cautious.

After three months of dating the man, she called and told me to get ready, since her boyfriend was coming to see me. She said he was a farmer. That man, Anthony Mutahi Kimaru, came to my humble house.

I welcomed him and he asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I blessed them. Mutahi told me that since I was still living in my parents’ home, my daughter could not just get married until my dowry was paid.

He gave me Sh70,000 to sort out that tradition so that he could be allowed culturally to marry my daughter. He later strolled out of the house and went round it and asked me to measure where he could construct a three-bedroom house for us.

He even offered and transferred my youngest daughter to a better school. He chose Moi Girls Nanyuki and paid the fees for Term One. Which parent would refuse to have their child go to a good school? Which mother-in-law can refuse such a generous and thoughtful son-in-law? I didn’t ask for anything but he offered all he saw that I lacked.

By July last year, my daughter told me that Mutahi had told her to quit her job. He wanted her to go to college. He also wanted her to move in with him. My daughter said she had refused to move in until he showed her proof that he was indeed divorced from his first wife. She wanted to know if she had done the right thing. I told her, yes, it’s good to know that you aren’t breaking another woman’s home.

Mutahi then sought to finalise his divorce and my daughter moved in with him when he finally showed her the divorce decree.

But on the night of Friday 14 March at 10pm, my daughter called me. She was crying. Mutahi had told her to leave his house. He had ganged up with his mother and sister, and wanted to kick-out my daughter. After going to all lengths to convince her to move in with him, a few months later, he kicked her out in the night. He had his fun, and now wanted to bring in another woman.

I am a mother, what pains me most is that my daughter will never trust another man. Will my daughter be a single mother like I am? I want her to get married one day, but she will never give her whole heart to a man. She will always hold back. What Mutahi did to her is ungodly. You don’t play around with people like this; change their lives, just to have fun with a girl then throw her out when you have had your fill.

What will happen to my younger daughter who is to come home this week for holidays? How do I tell her that she won’t go back to school in second term? What will happen to my daughter Anne? She quit her job to go to college, but the man she called her husband apparently now wants a new woman. I leave it all to God.

Mutahi had come home, and seen that we lived in poverty. He knows there is nothing I can do to him. I pray that my daughter will get another job so she can support her sister and that the Lord’s Will be done.

MP Anthony Mutahi Kimaru, laikipia east

-The Standard

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