Senator Joy Gwendo stole my husband

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Nominated Senator Joy Gwendo

Nominated Senator Joy Gwendo

Nominated Senator Joy Gwendo who recently spent the night in a police cell after failing an alcoblow test at midnight is at the centre of a love triangle involving a married man, The Nairobian can reveal.

According to a family friend who did not wish to be named, Sen Gwendo has been dating Thomas Mbewa, an affair that has strained his eight-year marriage to his wife Pauline, with his wife’s friends labeling the Senator a ‘husband snatcher’.

“Pauline (Mbewa’s wife) has not been staying with her kids for close to two months. In fact, on the day the Senator was arrested, Pauline had gone to her matrimonial home for a meeting with her husband’s relatives to square out their differences and see if the two could get back together,” our source explains.

But Mbewa, with a boldness that most men in his position could envy, not only admits he has been seeing the Senator but says he has formalised his relationship by putting his wife in the know.

“It is true I’m dating Joy and we have known each other for the last three years. It’s been an on and off relationship which my wife knows about and we decided to formalise it. We are now engaged and very soon I will call you and other members of the fourth estate for a formal marriage,” says Mbewa with authority.

His remarks come in the wake of speculations over the identity of the ‘unknown friend’ who is reported to have visited Muthaiga Police Station on the morning of Sunday, March 30, 2014 to bail out Joy after her alcoblow saga.

Forced her to move out

But the family friend who spoke to this writer denies the picture is as rosy as Mbewa claims, saying the nominated TNA Senator has caused Mbewa’s wife sleepless nights and even forced her to move out of her matrimonial home in Madaraka estate, Nairobi.

Mbewa, on the other hand, is firm that he wants his wife Pauline to stay and accept the Senator as a co-wife but acknowledges that her attempt to walk out of the marriage ‘is just the normal turbulence of women in marriage’.

“You will understand that formalising my relationship with the senator (as a second wife) is bound to destabilise any first wife. It’s true that for a while Pauline and I have not been staying together but we have since involved our families and I got consent from my family.

“On Monday afternoon when we met, it was just a follow up meeting between my wife, Joy and I where Pauline gave her consent. I even have photographs that we took together as one happy family,” explains Mbewa.

But a relative of Pauline who did not wish to be named refutes Mbewa’s claims, saying, “Joy (the senator) and Thomas (Mbewa) set her up. She had no idea that the photos were intended to dupe the world that she had given consent. It’s sad that Pauline stands to lose her husband to a senator who was nominated to fight for the rights of women.”

Initially, Pauline equally declined to speak to this writer, only saying what she was going through is too painful and that she would rather not speak about it in public. But when pressed, she said, “I only told them (Joy and Mbewa) to give me time to think about their proposal. I did not give my consent.”

When our reporter reached out to Joy, she declined to comment on the issue and instead asked, “How is that important to you? I am out of the country until April 10 and also not interested in an interview.”


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