[VIDEO] Kamau Kiarie arrested in fatal shooting of Michael Santiago in Mount Vernon New York

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 35-year-old Kamau Kiarie shot and killed 26-year-old Michael Santiago

35-year-old Kamau Kiarie shot and killed 26-year-old Michael Santiago

Authorities say that both the suspect and victim in a fatal broad daylight shooting in Mount Vernon are from the Bronx.

According to police, 35-year-old Kamau Kiarie shot and killed 26-year-old Michael Santiago in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Sheridan and East Lincoln avenues Tuesday afternoon.

Kiarie has been charged with second-degree murder. He also has prior arrests for menacing and sexual assault.

Investigators do not believe the shooting was random, and are looking into the relationship between the two men.


A 26-year-old Bronx man was shot dead in the parking lot of a Sheridan Avenue apartment complex Tuesday. Police said detectives caught the suspect in the act and arrested him moments afterward.

“It was brutal,” said Mayor Ernest Davis. “From what I’m hearing, he shot him at least three or four times and then walked up to him and put a bullet in his head.”

Davis, who went to the scene of the 3:30 p.m. shooting, said a shotgun was used.

Police said Wednesday morning that additional information would be released sometime after 9 a.m.

The man’s body remained under a Westchester County police canopy in the parking lot of 22 Sheridan Ave. for hours as more than a dozen Mount Vernon police officers stood guard over the crime scene.

Shortly before 7 p.m. — moments after the the man’s body was loaded into a Westchester County Medical Examiner’s van — his mother arrived.

“My son! My son!” she screamed, collapsing to the pavement below a line of yellow police tape and sobbing. “I want my son!”

Several police markers were scattered across the grounds as detectives took photographs and collected what evidence they could. The building is equipped with several security cameras which Davis said captured the shooting.

On Sheridan Avenue, an older-model Nissan sedan also was taped off for examination by police. The vehicle was later towed. It was unclear whether it belonged to the shooter, the victim or some other party involved in the incident.

A neighbor identifying herself as Lisa B. said the shots were audible from a block away and sounded more like constuction work, first one or two loud booms, followed by a pause and then several more.

“It didn’t sound like gunshots. It didn’t sound nothing like gunshots. I know what gunshots sound like,” she said. “When I got up here, they said somebody got shot. That’s a terrible thing.”

During much of the investigation, the body was left uncovered, plainly visible to the large crowds gathered on Sheridan Avenue and Ehrbar Avenue, where people looked down on the scene from behind a chain-link fence.

Shortly before 6 p.m., as some residents saw the story on local news outlets and others returned home from work and school, the crowd grew larger. Police again draped a white sheet in front of the body.

Rumors circulating among the crowd indicated the incident may have been the result of jealousy over a woman.

Rodger Smith, a retired New York Police Department officer who has lived at 22 Sheridan Ave. for eight years, said police have responded to the building in the past to handle the occasional domestic dispute, but that their presense at the complex is generally rare.

“I was coming off work and coming home from Costco and all of a sudden I noticed all these police cars here,” he said. “I was like … this is bringing me back to what I used to do.”

Media reports and other rumors in the city claimed the victim was a Mount Vernon High School student, but police said no teenagers were involved in the incident.

Still, the school district will have grief counselors available Wednesday at William H. Holmes Elementary School, the Traphagen School and Mount Vernon High School to help students who may have questions. Each of the schools is about a half-mile or less from the shooting, which occurred near the release of school.

Police released no information on the suspect Tuesday and would not definitively say how department detectives happened to witness the incident. Davis said the shooter was male, but could not provide any further information.

“He in custody. He’s clammed up and has asked for his lawyer,” Davis said. “He is on video cameras doing the shooting. I don’t know what a lawyer is going to do for him.”

The mayor said no officers were injured while making the arrest.

“Fortunately, I believe there were no injuries,” he said. “I have a lot of respect for the officers who faced down and brought justice to this situation.”


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