KQ SACKS its PR Manager And Former Citizen TV Host for Lying About Her Educatio

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We once tweeted that Alice Odera who was then a TV host at Citizen TV never went to New York University or any other university nor did all those things she claimed that she did. She was a fraud who Royal Media HR couldn’t do due diligence on. Well, KQ has today discovered that Alice Odera was a stripper in New York and was deported from USA after the authorities discovered some ugly things she was doing.

After working for Citizen TV, Alice got a job at KQ without any papers. She always promised to deliver the papers which she claimed to have misplaced. Alice never did. So KQ had a function in USA which the PR manager had to attend. Shock on KQ, USA embassy flatly refused to give their PR manager a Visa saying that come what may, they wouldn’t change their minds.

With a little background check, KQ discovered all the ugly things Alice Odera was doing in USA. The national carrier discovered that Alice only went to New York University for 5 days. She was then to work as a stripper and drug mule in various New York neighbourhoods.

KQ security escorted Alice Odera out of their premises with the management furious that they were not smart enough to do proper background check on Alice. Alice claimed in her application for the KQ PR and Communications Manager’s job that she graduated at New York University, something which she knew was so false it wouldn’t sell anywhere.



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