Kenya Police hunt down KDF Twitter account hackers

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An official at the military headquarters has told Capital FM News that they are working closely with the police to apprehend those behind the hacking of the Kenya Defence Forces Twitter account @kdfinfo.
He said they believe the hackers are, “tech-savvy locals,” and not outsiders given the content of their tweets.

He said they have also reported the hacking and, “escalating insults,” to Twitter administrators in their bid to regain control of the account.

Major Emmanuel Chirchir, the Military Liaison Officer whose @MajorEChirchir account was also hacked has called on the public not to put any weight on the tweets sent out following the breach that occurred at about midnight on Sunday.

The hackers, using the handle @Anon_0x03, have apart from asking President Uhuru Kenyatta through @UKenyatta for weed, told him and Deputy President William Ruto, @WilliamsRuto, to, “piss off!”

Dear @UKenyatta By popular demand, the people have requested that u PISS OFF!
— Kenya Defence Forces (@kdfinfo) July 21, 2014
“The #Kenya Ministry of Defence is under new management: #Anonymous,” they tweeted.

They have also demanded for the resignation of Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku over insecurity, tweeting them directly through their @igkimaiyo and @joelenku accounts.

“President @ukenyatta says KE safe. Then he buys a heavily armoured vehicle. All for one &; one for all,” they tweeted.

President @ukenyatta says KE safe. Then he buys a heavily armored vehicle. All for one & one for all !
— Kenya Defence Forces (@kdfinfo) July 21, 2014
The hackers have also spoken out against poaching, what they say are tribal government appointments and protection of drug barons, the high cost of living and corruption demanding the refund of payments made out by the government in relation to the Anglo-leasing scandal, echoing the demand made by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy.

“We are marching into an new era in KE. Where citizens have a voice & their interests come first. Left, right, left, right….,” they stated in another one of their tweets.

They have also taunted the police to, “Catch me if you can: D,” while calling on Kenyans on Twitter to reply to and retweet their tweets as, “We don’t know how long we can get away with this.”

In the close to 12 hours the hackers have been in control of the @kdfinfo account, those following it have increased from about 65,000 to over 66,000.


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