How my granddaughter stole my husband

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Why grandmother and grandchild fought over 61 year old man

Grace Mwende, 55,  and Florence Nduku, 23

Grace Mwende, 55, and Florence Nduku, 23

The battle between grandmother and grandchild over man which has left many Kenyans stunned started more than three years ago, The Nairobian can now reveal.

Grace Mwende, 55, and her step-granddaughter Florence Nduku, 23, fell out sometime in 2011 over a man who was initially married to Mwende. It was then that it emerged Nduku was in an intimate relationship with her ‘grandfather,’ Daniel Mwongela.

In an exclusive interview with The Nairobian, Mwende said, “It is so painful since I am the one who has been taking care of Nduku since she came from the village in 2006. She was like any other village girl. Little did I know that she would snatch my husband.”

The secret relationship came to light in 2011, just three months after Mwende and Mwongela tied the knot at a church ceremony in Machakos, during which Nduku was a bridesmaid.

Initially Mwongela, who worked in Malindi, used to visit his wife Mwende on a monthly basis.

“Our relationship was really good after our wedding and I never suspected anything. Some of the employees however were aware of Nduku’s illicit affair with Mwongela.”

According to Mwende, the young Nduku used to travel to Malindi where Mwongela worked mostly during weekends.

She said, “In October 2011, three months after our wedding, one of my employees differed with Nduku and spilled the beans. I was in one of my shops when the two girls were arguing. One of them decided to ‘break’ the news and I was so shocked to learn of what was happening only three months after our wedding.”

When she was confronted, Nduku confessed to being in a relationship with Mwongela and revealed how she often travelled to Malindi to meet the old man.

“The pain pushed me to initiate the divorce process with Mwongela and we officially separted on October 24, 2013,” Mwende said.

“Two weeks after we parted ways, I bought a goat and took it to Mwongela’s family as per Kamba tradition to mark the ended of our customary and legal marriage.”

It is alleged that Nduku began sending abusive messages to Mwende until March 5, when she was arrested for the offence at the city centre.

Mwende says that, “At the Central Police Station, Nduku confessed and pleaded for mercy.”

Nduku was charged with improper use of communication system contrary to the law. She denied the charge and was released on a Sh100,000 cash bail Sh300,000 bond. Her trial begins on April 28.

Mwongela could not be reached to comment on his alleged affair with Nduku.





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