‘Magerer to blame for Orange House mess’, disciplinary committee says

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Magerer Langat

Magerer Langat

“We listened to witness accounts over the issues at the Secretariat and it’s our recommendation that performance appraisal should be conducted to the staff at the Secretariat and overhaul it completely,” said Athuok.

The committee has recommended that an independent audit should also be carried out to ascertain the financial position of the party.

The five-member committee started sitting in November last year and was mandated to probe the events that led to Magerer’s ouster.

Former Orange Democratic Movement Executive Director Magerer Langat failed in his duties at the Orange headquarters, a disciplinary committee report has revealed.

The committee chaired by Fred Athuok said Magerer failed to discharge his duties in a professional way, including preparation of party list, ensuring that party programmes were implemented and tackling general indiscipline within the secretariat.

“We found out there were underlying issues within the secretariat. There were issues he could have dealt with because they were under his job description but he failed to,” said Disciplinary Committee Secretary Jamal Abdikadir.

According to Mr Jamal, Magerer (pictured) was on seven occasions summoned to appear before the committee but he declined at the eleventh hour, even after he requested them to change the venue to somewhere outside Orange House.

Jamal said that after Magerer had indicated he was not comfortable with the meeting taking place at Orange House, they shifted to Intercontinental Hotel for a month.

“He still failed to show up after promising to come to testify before the committee,” said Abdikadir.

The committee handed its report to ODM leader Raila Odinga at the party headquarters, Wednesday.

In its findings, it indicated that the Orange party is faced with indiscipline among the members and the Secretariat, making it difficult for the party leader to sell his policies ahead of the 2017 General Election.

Apart from indiscipline, there are no clear structures within the party. Infighting, wrangles and recklessness are among the issues that are being attributed to failure of the party to clinch the top seat, as well as some members ditching it for their rivals.

Jamal said they collected information from 29 witnesses, including Raila, and concluded that for the party to move forward, it must overhaul the entire Secretariat.

The report indicates that the rot within ODM stemmed after the 2007 polls and failure to implement the recommendations will cost the party further in 2017 polls.

Athuok said his committee was mandated to find out the reasons why issues had deteriorated at ODM.

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