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Backed By $10M, Stealthy Startup Bitglass Reveals Its Enterprise Security Solution For Mobile & Cloud

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Bitglass, the stealthy enterprise startup which last year had raised $10 million in Series A funding in an oversubscribed round from NEA and Norwest Venture Partners, is today opening its doors. The company is focusing on a much-needed area with regard to businesses’ shift from on-premise solutions to cloud services, like Google Apps, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and others: data security. With Bitglass, companies are able to protect, secure and track sensitive corporate data without having to first. 

Uncovering Nigeria’s Insidify.com | a Social Network & Search Engine for Jobs in Africa

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Insidify is a blend of two words – inside and identify. With the tagline “get inside, identify”. We aggregate jobs; so, get inside our huge database of jobs and identify your fit. We connect jobs with people; so, get inside your network and identify people that connect you to jobs, we also help employers get inside and identify their best hire from both passives and active professionals. Insidify.com empowers its users to engage their social and professional connections better. 

Banks in Nigeria Launch Card-Less ATM Withdrawals

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Over 6,000 ATMs in Nigeria have introduced card-less ATM withdrawals allowing account owners to use Mobile money to withdraw cash from ATMs without the need for a bank account or bank card. The card-less ATM withdrawals are acceptable by First Bank, GTBank, Stanbic Bank, United Bank for Africa and Zenith Bank and supports transactions between N1,000.00 – N20,000.00. Powered by Interswitch Transnational’s Quickteller, the service aims at addressing challenges of mobile money adoption such as. 

Samsung Working on its Own Version of “Google Glass” Called Galaxy Glass

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google glass

Samsung is working on its own version of “Google Glass” according to a recent patent the firm just registered with the Korea Intellectual Property Office. According to the report by the Korean Times the device will work like the Galaxy Gear and will be linked to a smartphone to display alerts on a transparent or translucent lens so that users can take phone calls and listen to music. The firm is reportedly working with its affiliate, Samsung Display. Sources inside Samsung reportedly told. 

Nairobi now collecting traffic data online

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The Nairobi County government has launched a web portal that will help collect data on traffic flow and congestion in the city, with the aim of helping planners create a better management system. The digital transit map www.digitalmatatus.com was developed by scholars from the University of Nairobi in partnership with Columbia University. Dubbed the Digital Matatu Project, the crowd sourcing initiative will allow residents of Nairobi to share their daily experiences and views on traffic flow. This. 

Google making sugar-sensing contact lens for diabetics

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The Google lab known for working on unusual projects like self-driving cars is crafting a contact lens that could help diabetics manage blood sugar levels. “We’re now testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears,” project co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz said Thursday in a blog post. The lens works “using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material,”. 

Matatus sign to Safaricom’s M-Pesa ahead of cash fare ban

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Safaricom has moved to lock-in public transport vehicles to its M-Pesa mobile phone payments service ahead of the government’s July deadline for a ban on using cash in paying for bus fare. Safaricom corporate affairs director Nzioka Waita told the Business Daily in an interview on Tuesday that the company has already registered over 1,300 matatus and taxis in its Lipa na M-Pesa platform. The move gives Safaricom a head start over its rivals that have mobile phone payment systems, and also. 

Tech firm unveils service that transfers money via Facebook targeting kenyans in the Diaspora

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A Singapore-based tech firm has launched an innovative money transfer service, Fastacash, targeting Kenyans in the diaspora. The service links the user’s debit card to the platform, allowing one to send money through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to M-Pesa or bank accounts. Fastacash service targets remittances to Kenya from the United Kingdom and one can share photos, videos and more in the transfer. “We have taken time to understand our audience and. 

The technology modernising Kenya’s matatus

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Matatus – the ramshackle public minibuses seating between 14 and 24 people that zip along the streets of Kenya’s capital Nairobi – carry a third of the city’s residents to and from work each day. The journey from the city centre to the working-class suburb of Rongai takes between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on traffic. Yet inside the “Ferguson” matatu – named for its colourful images of the former Manchester United manager – half a dozen passengers. 

Kiambu farmers reap handsomely from bio-digesters

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At the corner of a well furnished farm house in Kinale, Kiambu County, 51-year-old, Susan Wanjiru comfortably sits caressing her grandson. And it is clear that all is well with Wanjiru. No doubt the farmer, a mother of two is in the moon. It is only a period of one year that she has enjoyed this life and looking to a brighter future. At her disposal following this clean energy project, is access to a clean, safe, sustainable and affordable source of home-made energy. In one year, Wanjiru who lives. 

Kenyan Engineer’s entry into innovation world pays off

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James Waweru Motonya the director and founder of Kanji Engineering.

James Waweru Motonya the director and founder of Kanji Engineering. He shunned a white collar job even after qualifying as an engineer to start his own workshop and four years down the line, he does not regret his decision. This is because he has invented several machines that have earned him a fortune and also helped in conserving the environment. James Waweru Motonya, the director and founder of Kanji Engineering Company started his affair with inventions at college when he made a posho mill while. 

US IT firm gears up to cause ripples in Kenya, Rwanda

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Richard Gordon, Jr president and CEO, Richmar & Associates. Inc.

Richard Gordon, Jr president and CEO, Richmar & Associates. Inc. Richard Gordon, Jr President and CEO, Richmar & Associates Inc has experience in IT accumulated over the years. Richmar & Associates Inc has over the years specialised in providing three primary services: Being a data centre as well as providing cloud computing services; offering application delivery services—which include software services and virtual applications, virtualised desktop images; information security and. 

Joel Mwale – bringing ‘Facebook’ education to Kenya

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Joel Mwale, a 20-year-old who never completed his own education, has realised the answer is to stop trying to push social media away, and instead embrace it. More than one million people around the world seem to agree with him, because in the five weeks since his website Gigavia.com went live, they have signed up as users. Teachers and schools have always faced the problem of stopping students using social media in class, seeing it as a distraction. But they also know that teenagers are addicted. 

Kenya takes second slot in Africa’s online content ranking

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Kenya is among developing economies with rich local content online second only to Morocco in Africa, a new report shows. The Web Index 2013 Report conducted by the World Wide Web Foundation places the UK at the top globally in terms of useful local information online followed by the US, France, Korea and Sweden. “Morocco puts in the strongest performance among developing countries, followed by Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines,” says the report released last Friday. Its. 

Amazon to deliver your online orders using drones

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The world’s largest retailer Amazon is testing unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers. The Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos told CBS television that drones could be used to deliver packages weighing upto 2.3kg to the customer within 30mins. The online retailer may start using the drones within a period of 5 years pending approval by the US authorities. “I know this sounds like fiction but it will happen,” he said in the 60min long programme. The US has been using drones solely.